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I continue to be impressed with the quality of the stamps and the service. - January 2016

Mr J M - Tooing, UK

Very good web layout - January 2016

Mr P L - Guildford, UK

Easy website to use, helpful service when had to make telephone enquiry - January 2016

Mr J T - Ledbury, UK


Mr P D - Northwich, UK


Mr D L J - Poynton, UK


Mr N B - Bolton, UK

Very easy to do business with you and great value for money. - December 2015

Mr B C - South Molton, UK

I am a very satisfied customer, now of a few years standing! - December 2015

Mr A W - Brstol, UK

Very good website and easy to use. - November 2015

Mr D A - Sheffield, UK

Brilliant service again. I am slowly filling the gaps in my collection - November 2015

Mrs S H - St Albans, UK

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Welcome from the UK's leading dealer in
Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamps.

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Stamps of Great Britain
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Current GB and Commonwealth Private Treaty List (February 2016)  

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A11239L PRICE REDUCED DAILEY UNTIL SOLD SG LS 2/3 2000 Smilers for Christmas superb u/m, Cat 400, Special Offer. 145.00 70.00 Buy Now
A12157 35% Discount SG 344 d green m/m(10 available).FREE ! 2.40 FREE Buy Now
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A12823 SG 413a 2/6 Bradbury average used, Cat 100, FREE! (50 available). FREE Buy Now
A10305 SG 997-1000 1976 Telephone u/m, Special offer, Normal Price 65p.FREE JUST CLICK ON PRICE 0.50 FREE Buy Now
A12800 SG 334/336 d and 1d Simple Cypher used pair with perf defects, Cat 70, FREE! (30 available). FREE Buy Now
V28019 SG 314 1/- green & carmine, average used, Cat 35, FREE! (40 available). FREE Buy Now
A12842 SG 189 2d lilac with small faults, Cat 80 (10 available), FREE. FREE Buy Now
A12724 1887 Jubilee short set to 6d(no 41/2d), good used, FREE on orders over 40, Cat 127 (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A12719 SG 240 4d orange, good used FREE OF CHARGE, Cat 18 (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A12659 SG 224 1d slate-purple & bluish green, ave used, Cat 22. FREE JUST click on price ! FREE Buy Now
V28098 SG 196 1/- dull green used with faults/heavy postmarks, Cat 325, This offer counts as 2 Free Stamps (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A10300 FREE SG 928-30 1973 Cricket u/m, Special offer, Normal Price 80p. 0.80 FREE Buy Now
A11990 SG 157 2d blue, Plate 22 good used cat 45 FREE OF CHARGE ! (20 available-one per customer) FREE Buy Now
A12864 SG 201 2d purple/blue, ave m/m, Cat 25 (30 available), FREE. FREE Buy Now
A12808 SG 250a 9d dull purple & ultramarine (C), average used, Cat 75, FREE! (20 available) FREE Buy Now
A10163 SG 629-30 1961 Parliament u/m FREE FOR ONE DAY ! 0.70 FREE Buy Now

Today's selected items from our current Private Treaty List

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Price
82158 Cayman Islands, SG 17, 1907 Surch d on 1d carmine fine mint, Cat 60. 38.00 Buy Now
82159 Cayman Islands, SG 19, 1907 Surch 1d on 5/- salmon and green fine mint, Cat 275. 175.00 Buy Now
82160 Cayman Islands, SG 25/32, 1907 MCA set of 8v to 5/- fine mint, complete, Cat 150. 90.00 Buy Now
82161 Cayman Islands, SG 33/4, 1907 CA 1/- and 10/- fine mint, Cat 245. 160.00 Buy Now
82162 Cayman Islands, SG 52, 1912 MCA 10/- deep green and red on green fine used, Cat 250. 160.00 Buy Now
82163 Cayman Islands, SG 96/107 KGV set of 12 to 10/- superb very lightly m/m, very fresh. 150.00 Buy Now
82164 Ceylon, SG 3, 1857 2d green, very fine used with 4 margins, Cat 65. 32.50 Buy Now
82165 Ceylon, SG 3a, 1857 2d yellowish green, very fine used with 4 margins, Cat 90. 40.00 Buy Now
82166 Ceylon, SG 9, 1857 10d dull vermilion, very fine used with 4 margins, Cat 325. 150.00 Buy Now
82167 Ceylon, SG 2a, 1857 1d blue, very fine used with 4 margins, Cat 80. 40.00 Buy Now
82168 Ceylon, SG 269w, 1903/05 6c carmine, fine fresh mint with Watermark Inverted variety, Cat 140. 100.00 Buy Now
82169 Cook Islands, SG 120, Arms 10/- very fine u/m, Cat 90. 60.00 Buy Now
82170 Cook Islands, SG 121, 1936 Arms 1 pink, superb u/m, Cat 130. 85.00 Buy Now
82421 SG 8p 1d red-brown (J-J), fine used example on small cover with huge margins all round, with scarce Blue1844-type numeral cancel, Cat 550. 145.00 Buy Now
82433 SG 14f 2d blue (T-I), very fine used example with 4 very good margins, with Number 2 in Maltese Cross, part of another at top left corner, note sidelines extend bottom and right sides and frame line distinct top NR corner, scarce, Cat 700, very reasonably priced by vendor. 225.00 Buy Now
82423 SG 9 1d pale red-brown (T-D), fine mint (part gum) example with 4 close to very good margins, Cat 675, reasonably priced by vendor. 60.00 Buy Now
82424 SG 11 1d lake red, Plate 166 (I-G), very fine used example on cover with 4 huge margins, Cat 800++, rare cover, with RPS Certificate (1990). 295.00
82425 SG 14 2d blue (B-H), very fine used example with 4 margins and neat 21 (London Inland) numeral cancel, a fine example of the Without Spectacles variety, Spec ES14n, Cat 1500, rare. 365.00 Buy Now
82426 SG 14 2d blue (Q-J), very fine used example on Thin Paper, and showing fine Ivory Head, 4 very good margins, Spec ES14q, Cat 225+, scarce combination. 76.00 Buy Now
82427 SG 14, 1841 2d blue (QG-RH), very fine used block of 4 with clear to large margins all round, neat strikes of 620 postmark of Plymouth, Cat 1700, a rare multiple so fine. 625.00 Buy Now
82428 SG 14e 2d blue (EK-EL), good used pair on envelope Newcastle upon Tyne to Kendal, each stamp with neat Maltese Cross cancel, the left stamp with 4 clear margins, scarce cover, Cat 440+. 60.00 Buy Now
82429 SG 14 2d blue (CH-CI), good used pair used on large April 18th 1842 envelope, London-Colchester, light filing crease affecting one stamp but scarce, Cat 440+. 60.00 Buy Now
82430 SG 14 2d blue, Plate 3 (T-J), very fine used with Black numeral cancel plus Red Tombstone cancellation, with RPS Certificate (2003), rare and seldom offered. 235.00 Buy Now
82431 SG 14be 2d blue, very fine used lower marginal example with sheet inscription, showing the (T-H) re-entry, neat 447 cancel, scarce so fine, Spec Cat ES14c. 225.00 Buy Now
82432 SG 14f 2d blue (P-G), fine used three margin example with superb Number 2 in Maltese Cross cancellation, Cat 700, scarce. 150.00 Buy Now

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