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very good ,prompt delivery and affordable prices - April 2016

Mr R M - Wirral, UK

As per usual excellent, keep up the good work. Thank you, - April 2016

Mr A S - Gosport, UK

Exceptionally clear website and very easy to use. - April 2016

Mr I A - Ringstead, UK

First order was excellent. Lightning fast delivery and covers better than expected. - April 2016

Mr R F - Dartford, UK

Excellent service, thank you! - March 2016

Mr M H - Stowmarket, UK

This website is very impressive, easy to use and with a huge selection of stamps at very competitive prices. - March 2016

Mr C C - Risca, UK

The SG search button is very handy and adds to a very good website. - March 2016

Mr N A - Beara, UK

Excellent service with orders promptly despatched. - March 2016

Mr B C - Carrickfergus, UK

I've found your web site to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. WELL DONE - February 2016

Mr J B - Norfolk, UK

Clear, helpfully laid out pricelist - February 2016

Mr C W - Congleton, UK

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Welcome from the UK's leading dealer in
Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamps.

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Stamps of Great Britain
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GB Price List 1840-2016  

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Issued twice monthly, these lists contain a wide selection of better stamps seldom offered elsewhere including high values, rarities, proofs, colour trials, postal history, cinderella material and much more.

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Today's Special Offers

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Original Price Special Price  
A12766 Price reduced daily until sold SG 536-9, 1955 Waterlow Set u/m. 145.00 109.00 Buy Now
A10006 SG 493-4 1948 Silver Wedding u/m VERY SPECIAL OFFER LIMITED STOCKS 16.50 11.95 Buy Now
V27602 Price reduced daily until sold SG 478 10/- dark blue, very lightly m/m. cat 260 86.00 48.00 Buy Now
A10430 Price reduced daily until sold SG 476 2/6 brown superb u/m 59.00 29.00 Buy Now
A11781 Price reduced daily until sold ! SG 476/478 1939 High Values u/m, 240.00 157.00 Buy Now
P663 Price reduced daily until sold SG 420 1d Red Brown on 1927 Cover to Austria with Austrian Postage Dues attached. 14.00 3.50 Buy Now
V11319 60% DiscountSG 92 3d Rose Plate 4 Fine used. Cat 210 (4 available) 22.00 8.80 Buy Now
A10041 DX2 1980 3 Wedgwood Booklet VERY SPECIAL OFFER LIMITED STOCK 3.85 2.50 Buy Now
A12049 60% Discount SG 451 5/- bright rose-red, defective used (10 available), Cat 85. 3.20 1.28 Buy Now
V14445 SG 139 2 Mauve PL 3 Good used. Cat 175 THIS COUNTS AS 6 FREE STAMPS 12.00 FREE Buy Now
V14491 SG 141 2d Mauve PL 16 Fine cat 85 THIS COUNTS AS 3 FREE STAMPS 9.60 FREE Buy Now
V20279 SG 163 1/- Orange-Brown Plate 14 good used cat 170 THIS COUNTS AS 5 FREE STAMPS 12.80 FREE Buy Now
V27107 SG 214 1/- green & carmine, average used, Cat 140.THIS COUNTS AS 5 FREE STAMPS 10.50 FREE Buy Now
V28163 SG 162 6d on 6d used with small faults/heavy postmarks, Cat 150, this counts as 2 free stamps (8 available). FREE Buy Now
V21550 SG 141 2d Plate 15 average used used Cat 85.00 (17 available) FREE Buy Now
VR7162 SG 150 1/- Green PL 13, used. with faults Cat 160 THIS COUNTS AS 1 FREE STAMP 4.00 FREE Buy Now
A10218 SG 702p 1966 Technology with Phosphor Lines printed on Front and on Back, scarce COUNTS AS 3 SPECIAL OFFERS 15.00 FREE Buy Now
A12719 SG 240 4d orange, good used FREE OF CHARGE, Cat 18 (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A13057 SG 2548/53, 2005 British Motorcycles u/m, (40 available), this counts as 2 free stamps. FREE Buy Now
V14445 SG 139 2 Mauve PL 3 Good used. Cat 175 THIS COUNTS AS 6 FREE STAMPS 12.00 FREE Buy Now
A10315 FREE SG 1059-62 1978 Coronation u/m, Special offer, FOR ONE DAY ONLY 0.48 FREE Buy Now
V28162 SG 221 1d slate-purple & green fine used, Cat 24, Free (40 available). FREE Buy Now
V28176 SG 48 d rose, Pl 20 ave used, Cat 80, this counts as 3 free stamps (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A11305L SG DX7 1986 British Rail, SPECIAL OFFER 7.00 5.50 Buy Now
A12063 50% Discount SG 180 5/- rose, average used (5 available), Cat 250. 21.00 10.50 Buy Now
B11015 MS 2147 HM Stamp Show VFU with special Westminster hand stamp THIS COUNTS AS 3 FREE STAMPS 5.75 FREE Buy Now
A10240 SG 655p-658p 1964 Botanical (Phos) u/m, Special Offer 9.90 7.95 Buy Now
A12808 SG 250a 9d dull purple & ultramarine (C), average used, Cat 75, FREE! (20 available) FREE Buy Now
V28098 SG 196 1/- dull green used with faults/heavy postmarks, Cat 325, This offer counts as 2 Free Stamps (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A10241 SG 651-4 1964 Geographical (O), u/m, Special Offer, 1.40 1.18 Buy Now
V28164 SG O67 9d purple & blue good used, Cat 120 (20 available), this counts as 2 free stamps. FREE Buy Now
A11888 50% Discount SG 153 4d sage-green, Pl 15, good used, Cat 325, Special Offer.( 9 available) 23.00 11.50 Buy Now
A13053 SG 2764/73, 2007 Endangered Species (birds), this counts as 6 free stamps. 7.95 FREE Buy Now
A13052 SG 2547/79, 2005 Trafalgar (6) u/m, this counts as 2 free stamps. 5.10 FREE Buy Now
A11461L SG 416 5/- rose-red x 20 good used copies, Cat 130 THIS COUNTS AS 3 FREE STAMPS 6.50 FREE Buy Now
V28163 SG 162 6d on 6d used with small faults/heavy postmarks, Cat 150, this counts as 2 free stamps (8 available). FREE Buy Now
A12757 SG 166 1d Venetian red, good/fine used, Cat 15, FREE FREE Buy Now
V28137 SG 2532/9 2005 World Heritage u/m (8), this counts as 3 free stamps. 5.85 FREE Buy Now
V28164 SG O67 9d purple & blue good used, Cat 120 (20 available), this counts as 2 free stamps. FREE Buy Now
A12050 50% Discount SG 224 1d slate-purple & bluish green (C) m/m (4 available), Cat 45. 11.00 5.50 Buy Now
V28166 SG 92 4d rose, Plate 4 average used, Cat 250), this counts as 3 free stamps (20 available). FREE Buy Now
V28019 SG 314 1/- green & carmine, average used, Cat 35, FREE! (40 available). FREE Buy Now
V28177 SG O68 1/- green used with faults, Cat 250 (20 available), this counts as 3 free stamps FREE Buy Now
V21085 SG 125 6d Grey PL 12, good used. Cat 300 THIS COUNTS AS 6 FREE STAMPS FREE Buy Now
A12903 Australia, SG 131a 5/- carmine & green u/m, Cat 12.00 FREE FREE Buy Now
A12139 SG 244 5d slate-purple & ultramarine (C), ave used (10 available) cat 22 THIS COUNTS AS 1 FREE STAMP FREE Buy Now

Today's selected items from our current Private Treaty List

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Price
90405 Natal, SG 127, 132, 139, 146, 147, 153, all fine used, Cat 101.80. 30.00 Buy Now
90408 Natal, SG 170, 10/- green and red/green VFU with fine Eastcourt CDS, Cat 130. 78.00 Buy Now
90411 Canada (Newfoundland), 1919 Contingent Caribou set, very fine mint, SG 130/141 with duplicates or shades of all values, except 10c mint, total Cat 460 as cheapest, nice lot, neatly mounted on album pages (37). 150.00 Buy Now
90414 New Guinea, SG 137/149, 1931 Airs set of 13 to 1 very fine mint, Cat 250. 140.00 Buy Now
90417 New Zealand, fine written up collection of mint later Victorian issues, on hingeless leaves, total Cat 760, ideal for further expansion, with blank spaces left for all the differing shades. 165.00 Buy Now
90420 New Zealand, SG 17 1/- blue-green, fine used 4 margin example (thinned), Cat 1800, rare. 150.00 Buy Now
90423 New Zealand, QV Chalon Heads, good used selection of 8, including SG 43, 46, 104, 100, 39 (2), 40 and 119, total Cat 2450, scarce selection. 150.00 Buy Now
90406 Natal, SG 142, 10/- black & bright blue VFU, Cat 75. 40.00 Buy Now
90409 Nauru, SG 5, 1916 overprint 2d orange, Die 2 fine mint, Cat 70. 35.00 Buy Now
90412 Canada (Newfoundland), 1931 Air (no wmk) set, $1 light gum crease but additional 15c, 50c plus Wmk set SG 182/197 mint, neatly written up to Exhibition standard on album leaf, total Cat 242 (8). 105.00 Buy Now
90415 New Hebrides, SG F1-F5, 5c to 1f superb used, Cat 30. 15.00 Buy Now
90418 New Zealand, SG 13, 6d brown (soft paper), very fine used, Cat 300. 125.00 Buy Now
90421 New Zealand, SG 33 1d orange-vermilion, fine used 4 margin example, Cat 275. 125.00 Buy Now
90424 New Zealand, SG 97 1d carmine-vermilion, very fine used example, Cat 350. 95.00 Buy Now
90427 New Zealand, SG 250a, 1898 No wmk 2d deep blue WAKATIPU in u/m top right hand corner marginal block of 6 (mounted on margin), Cat 300+, lovely piece. 210.00 Buy Now
90430 New Zealand, SG F210, 1952 Postal Fiscal 4 light blue, superb u/m example with inverted watermark, Cat 350, very scarce and exceptionally fresh. 250.00 Buy Now
90433 Northern Rhodesia, SG 1/17, 1925 set of 17 values to 20/- fine mint complete, difficult set, Cat 700. 375.00 Buy Now
90440 Rhodesia, SG 58/63, 1896 o/pt set of 6 values to 6d fine mint, Cat 220. 100.00 Buy Now
90443 Rhodesia Double Heads, Perf 14, SG 119 (d), 123 (1d) & 126 (2d) very fine m/m, Cat 115 25.00 Buy Now
90447 Rhodesia Double Heads, Perf 14, SG 144, 6d red-brown and mauve very fine m/m, Cat 50. 27.50 Buy Now
91014 SG 416 5/- rose-red, fine m/m example (couple of shortish perfs at top), Cat 280, still a collectable example. 78.00 Buy Now
91019 SG 417 Bradbury 10/- dull grey-blue, superb used example with single steel CDS, Cat 236.25 including premium, scarce so fine. 65.00 Buy Now
91024 SG 419 Block Cypher 1d scarlet, very fine mint block of 4 (2 u/m), overprinted CANCELLED, Type 28, Spec N34x, Cat 440 as m/m singles, scarce multiple. 195.00 Buy Now
91029 SG 429s Block Cypher 1/- bistre, superb very lightly m/m imperforate example, overprinted SPECIMEN, Type 23, Spec N45t, Cat 150, scarce. 85.00 Buy Now
91034 SG 439 Photogravure d green, fine mint example showing prominent printing variety horizontal white streak at base, scarce. 20.00 Buy Now
91039 SG 450/2 Re-engraved set of 3, very fine u/m, each value very fresh with excellent perfs, Cat 1000, very scarce set so fine. 595.00 Buy Now
91044 SG 451, 1934 Re-engraved 5/- bright rose-red, very fine u/m well-centred example, Cat 400, scarce. Very reasonably priced by vendor. 195.00 Buy Now
91049 SG 452 Re-engraved 10/- indigo, very fine m/m example with excellent perfs, Cat 350, scarce and exceptionally fresh. 180.00 Buy Now
91054 SG 478ab 10/- dark blue, good used example with Dot on Scroll variety, Cat 75. 20.00 Buy Now
91059 SG 492, 1946 Victory 3d value, very fine u/m Cylinder 5. Dot block of 6, printed in Shiny Ink, scarce. 20.00 Buy Now
91064 SG 505 1d pale green, very fine m/m Coil Join Pair, Spec Q9g, unpriced and scarce. 10.00 Buy Now
91069 SG 508 Colour Change 4d light ultramarine, very fine u/m Coil Join Strip of 4, Spec Q20d, unpriced. 25.00 Buy Now
91074 SG 592a 3d deep violet, very fine m/m example with misplaced graphite lines, Cat 425, scarce and seldom offered. 250.00 Buy Now
91079 SG 652Wi 1964 Geographical 4d (ord), superb u/m lower marginal example with watermark inverted, Cat 850+, rare. 725.00 Buy Now
91084 SG 716e EFTA 1/6 value, superb u/m with New Blue omitted, Cat 135, scarce missing colour error. 120.00 Buy Now
91089 SG 794f, 1969 Anniversaries 1/6, superb u/m example with Yellow-Green (from flags) Omitted, Cat 90, scarce. 70.00 Buy Now
91094 SG X879Ey var: 8p rosine missing phosphor Enschede printing superb well centred UM example of this rare stamp ex-Mike Holt 450.00 Buy Now
91099 Isle of Man, large bulky collection in cloth-bound Schaubek album, mainly miniature sheets and commems, face value of mint alone is 180+, also many FDCs plus few Air letters, (P & P Inland 8). 150.00 Buy Now
91104 SG D2s 1914 Postage Due 1d carmine, very fine mint D.14 Control Pair, overprinted SPECIMEN, scarce. 175.00 Buy Now
91109 SG D26 KEVIII 2/6 purple/yellow, superb u/m example, Cat 350, very scarce key stamp. 275.00 Buy Now
91113 SG O2 I.R.Official d pale green, very fine used horizontal pair with neat Southampton squared CDS, Cat 70+, scarce thus. 15.00 Buy Now
91118 SG O13s I.R.Official d vermilion, average mint K control corner pair, overprinted SPECIMEN, uncatalogued thus, a rare combination. 235.00 Buy Now
91123 SG O41a Army Official d vermilion, fine m/m example with OFFICIAI variety (Row 13/7), Cat 300, scarce. 115.00 Buy Now
91128 SG O63 Govt Parcels 9d dull green (D-S), fine used example with neat Grid Cancel, superb original colour, Cat 1000+, rare. 145.00 Buy Now
91133 SG O65s Govt Parcels 1d purple and green, superb u/m example, Cat 300 as m/m, scarce. 160.00 Buy Now
91138 SG O68 Govt Parcels 1/- dull green, very fine m/m well-centred example, excellent original colour, Cat 700, very scarce thus and very fresh. 145.00 Buy Now
91143 SG O70b Govt Parcels 2d grey-green & carmine, sound used example, showing Dot to Left, on backing paper with normal at right, total Cat 150, scarce combination. 36.00 Buy Now
91148 SG O71 Govt Parcels 4d green & carmine, average m/m example, excellent original colour, Cat 400, scarce and reasonably priced by vendor. 75.00 Buy Now

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