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Very happy with service - July 2015

Mr D H - New Eltham, UK

Always an excellent and speedy service - July 2015

Mr R H - Fareham, UK

Well presented site. - July 2015

Mr W O - Hemel Hempstead, UK

Very easy to find required stamp. Service quick and accurate on past experience. - July 2015

Mr M J - Bracknell, UK

Your service is always excellent! - July 2015

Mr M A - Lowestoft, UK

Great service - June 2015

Mr K H - Bradford, UK

Easy to use website and speedy service, I love using Arthur Ryan! - June 2015

Mrs H T - Colchester, UK

Excellent customer service - June 2015

Dr J R - New York, USA

Always a fast and efficient service - June 2015

Mr S C - Great Yarmouth, UK

very good value and service - May 2015

Mr A L - Blackpool, UK

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Welcome from the UK's leading dealer in
Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamps.

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Stamps of Great Britain
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GB Price List 1840-2015  

Here you will find a comprehensive listing of GB Stamps starting with the 1840 Penny Black, right up to the latest new issues. These offered at face value! Bargains galore here with lots of prices discounted 10-20% and all available using our amazing easy to use one-click ordering system

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Current GB and Commonwealth Private Treaty List (Mid July 2015)  

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Issued twice monthly, these lists contain a wide selection of better stamps seldom offered elsewhere including high values, rarities, proofs, colour trials, postal history, cinderella material and much more.

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Today's Special Offers

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Original Price Special Price  
A10034 SG 536-9 1955 Waterlow set superb u/m, very special offer, Limited stock. £125.00 Buy Now
A10105 SG 557-9 1957 Scouts FDC. SPECIAL OFFER. (5 available postmarks vary.) £12.00 £7.50 Buy Now
A10112 SG 515-531 1952 Tudor Set mounted mint SPECIAL OFFER LIMITED STOCK £22.50 £13.50 Buy Now
A10155 SG 618 1/3 green u/m (normal price 95p), special offer. FREE ! just click on price ! FREE Buy Now
A10161 SG 634-635 1963 FFH (O) u/m special offer AT COST FOR ONE DAY ONLY ! £0.75 FREE Buy Now
A10163 SG 629-30 1961 Parliament u/m FREE FOR ONE DAY ! £0.80 FREE Buy Now
A10168 SG 629-630 1961 Parliament First Day Cover (5 available, pmks 25% DISCOUNT £14.50 £8.97 Buy Now
A10180 SG 565 1957 Graphite 2½d Fine used SPECIAL OFFER (Normal price £2.25) FREE LIMITED STOCKS !! £2.25 FREE Buy Now
A10218 SG 702p 1966 Technology with Phosphor Lines printed on Front and on Back, FREE OF CHARGE JUST CLICK ON PRICE COLUM (normal price £15 ) £15.00 FREE Buy Now
A10303 SG 975-9 1975 Rural Architecture u/m, Special offer, Normal Price 72p. FREE ! £0.50 Buy Now
A11239L SG LS 2/3 2000 Smilers for Christmas superb u/m, Cat £400, Special Offer. £145.00 £85.00 Buy Now
A11990 SG 157 2½d blue, Plate 22 good used cat £45 FREE OF CHARGE ! (20 available-one per customer) FREE Buy Now
A12157 35% Discount – SG 344 ½d green m/m(10 available).FREE ! £2.40 FREE Buy Now
A12573 20% Discount SG 493/4 1948 Silver Wedding pair, superb u/m. £16.50 £11.75 Buy Now
A12659 SG 224 1½d slate-purple & bluish green, ave used, Cat £22. FREE JUST click on price ! FREE Buy Now
A12701 SG 172, 187, 190, 198, 201, all good used, Cat £45 (20 lots available, postmarks vary), FREE. FREE FREE Buy Now
A12726 SG 29 1d red-brown, with faults, Cat £22, FREE OF CHARGE (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A12758 Definitive & regional FDC’s we have never got around to listing these – one per customer FREE, pot luck! FREE Buy Now
B11511 SG 532-5 1953 superb Coronation FDC to USA with scarce ‘Long live the Queen’ slogan pmk. £55.00 £27.50 Buy Now
A12799 SG 48 ½d Plates 4, 5, 6 good used, Cat £101, FREE! FREE Buy Now
A12796 SG 70 6d lilac, good used, Cat £125 (20 available), FREE!! FREE Buy Now
A12798 25% Discount – SG 151 1/- orange-brown, good used, Cat £700. £79.00 £59.25 Buy Now
A11994 SG 157 2½d blue, Plate 23 fine used Cat £35.FREE ! 15 available one per customer FREE Buy Now
A12720 SG 234 3d purple/lemon, good used FREE OF CHARGE, (20 available), Cat £20. FREE Buy Now
A10230 SG 685p-6p 1966 Burns (Phos) u/m, FREE! £0.69 FREE Buy Now

Selected items from our current Private Treaty List

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Price
69860 Antigua SG 81-90 Tercentenary set of 10, very fine m/m, Cat £225, scarce set and very fresh. £125.00 Buy Now
69872 Bahamas, SG 32x, 1863 CC, perf 12½, 6d aniline-violet, fine m/m with watermark reversed, Cat £250. £95.00 Buy Now
69885 Bahamas SG 142f, 1935 Silver Jubilee 2½d “Diagonal Line by Turret” variety, superb lightly m/m, Cat £180, scarce. £95.00 Buy Now
69893 Barbados, SG 199/200, 1918 new colours 4d and 3/- fine mint, Cat £29.75. £17.50 Buy Now
69908 Bermuda, SG 54, 1918 MCA 10/- green and carmine, very fine used with superb CDS, Cat £350, scarce so fine. £175.00 Buy Now
69915 Bermuda, SG 93, 1924 12/6 grey and orange, very fine used with “Hamilton” CDS, superb, Cat £375, scarce so fine. £250.00 Buy Now
69943 Brunei SG 23-33 + 26a, set to $1, very fine used. £225.00 Buy Now
69964 Cyprus, 1904-10 SG 60a 5pa “Broken top left triangle”, fine u/m, Cat £90, scarce. £75.00 Buy Now
69971 Dominica SG 91 £1 black and purple/red, very fine m/m example, Cat £225, scarce top value. £150.00 Buy Now
69999 Gibraltar SG 107 £1 black and orange, superb u/m example, scarce in this condition. £175.00 Buy Now
70098 SG 2 1d black, Plate 2 (G-F), very fine used example with fine Deep Red Maltese Cross, 4 very good even margins, Cat £375+, scarce so fine. £250.00 Buy Now
70129 SG 5 2d blue (N-H), very fine used example with superb Black Maltese Cross, 4 very good margins, Cat £900, very scarce so fine. £340.00 Buy Now
70171 SG 14 2d blue (D-H), superb used example with 4 large margins and part of adjoining stamp at right, Cat £85+, scarce so fine. £45.00 Buy Now
70195 SG 40 1d rose-red (D-E), very fine used example with neat “London S.E.” squared CDS of Novermber 28th, 1892, Cat £27 including premium. £12.00 Buy Now
70228 SG 47 2d deep blue, Plate 14 (E-K), very fine m/m example with superb colour, Cat £500, scarce stamp mint and very fresh appearance. £150.00 Buy Now
70240 SG 48 ½d rose-red, Plate 5 (F-L), fine used example with COPESTAKE underprint on reverse, Spec PP27, Cat from £75. £55.00 Buy Now
70273 SG 57s Embossed 10d brown, very fine m/m example with 4 clear to huge margins, overprinted SPECIMEN, Type 2, Cat £3000, rare and very fresh. £875.00 Buy Now
70281 SG 59 Embossed 6d dull lilac, very fine used example with 4 good to mainly huge margins, Cat £1000, very scarce so fine. £360.00 Buy Now
70392 SG 156 8d orange (N-L), very fine mint example with superb colour, Cat £1800, very fresh appearance, rare. £485.00 Buy Now
70413 SG 168s 2d rose, superb u/m block of 9, overprinted SPECIMEN, Cat £900++, rare multiple so fine. £450.00 Buy Now
69869 Bahamas SG 18, 4d dull rose, very fine used example with RPS Certificate, Cat £375, scarce and difficult stamp. £210.00 Buy Now
69890 Barbados, SG 27 Victory 2½d blue, very fine used example, Cat £27. £12.00 Buy Now
70031 New Zealand, SG 816a, 1963 Health 3d+1d value showing “Bloodstained Finger” variety, superb u/m, Cat £80, scarce. £50.00 Buy Now

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