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Very good service so far - September 2015

Mr P B - Devizes, UK

very good service (as always) - September 2015

Mr D H - Wokingham, UK

Last order was delivered very promptly, excellent service - September 2015

Mr B L - Stowmarket, UK

A great site to use, very easy to find stamps and order - August 2015

Mr P M - Derby, UK

easily navigated site helps ordering - August 2015

Mr K S - Gerrards Cross, UK

You do give a good reliable service, and the stamps I buy are first class. Thank you - August 2015

Mr M P - Bristol, UK

Always great service from the UK's Number 1 dealer. Thanks! Mike - August 2015

Mr M A - Lowestoft, UK

Very easy to find,select,view and place my order. - August 2015

Mr R R - Kettering, UK

Superb service throughout, thanks - July 2015

Mr R O - Bedford, UK

Best stamp company ever. Always fair and helpful. - July 2015

Mr P E - Rhyl, UK

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Welcome from the UK's leading dealer in
Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamps.

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Stamps of Great Britain
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Today's Special Offers

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Original Price Special Price  
V27799 SG 73 1/- pale green mint (part gum) & reperfed and small thin, Cat £3, 000, Bargain. £125.00 £34.00
V27556 SG 2 1840 1d black unusual 8-sided copy! £58.00 £30.00 Buy Now
A10241 SG 651-4 1964 Geographical (O), u/m, Special Offer, £1.40 £0.85 Buy Now
B11584 Channel Islands, we have accumulated thousands of FDC’s, Packs, in fact all sorts, Pot Luck here, 2 items FREE! FREE Buy Now
A10099 LS 17 Hong Kong Expo Smilers Superb u/m VERY SPECIAL OFFER LIMIITED STOCK £15.00 £8.00 Buy Now
A10191 SG 645 1963 Cable (ord) u/m Special Offer, (Normal Price .90 ) FREE JUST CLICK ON PRICE ! £0.90 FREE Buy Now
A12862 60% Discount – SG 14 2d blue, average used, Cat £90 (10 available). £8.25 £3.30 Buy Now
A12018 50% Discount – SG 208a 6d deep purple/rose-red, m/m (4 available). £11.00 £5.50 Buy Now
A10303 SG 975-9 1975 Rural Architecture u/m, Special offer, Normal Price 72p. FREE ! FREE Buy Now
A10314 SG MS 1058 1978 Buildings M/S u/m, Special offer, Normal Price 60p.FREE OF CHARGE ! £0.60 FREE Buy Now
A12048 70% Discount – SG 451 5/- bright rose-red, average used (10 available), Cat £85. £9.00 £2.70 Buy Now
A12758 Definitive & regional FDC’s we have never got around to listing these – one per customer FREE, pot luck! FREE Buy Now
A12115 65% Discount – SG 286 4d bright orange, fine used (10 available). £2.75 £0.96 Buy Now
A12128 30% Discount – SG 287/314 Somerset House 1½d-1/- (8 vals), average used 4 lots available. £22.50 £15.75 Buy Now
A12129 75% Discount – SG 257a 1/- dull green & carmine (C), ave used (10 available).cat £35.00 £3.80 £0.95 Buy Now
A12173 70% Discount – SG 344 ½d green, av mint (10 available). £1.25 £0.37 Buy Now
A10230 SG 685p-6p 1966 Burns (Phos) u/m, FREE! £0.60 FREE Buy Now
A12707 King Edward VII short set to 5d, good/fine used, minimum Cat value £150, FREE! (20 available). FREE Buy Now
A12723 1887 Jubilee part set to 4d, good used FREE! (20 available), Cat £52. £3.28 FREE Buy Now
A12725 SG 40 1d red, good used, Cat £12, FREE OF CHARGE (30 available). FREE Buy Now
A12799 SG 48 ½d Plates 4, 5, 6 good used, Cat £101, FREE! FREE Buy Now
A12862 60% Discount – SG 14 2d blue, average used, Cat £90 (10 available). £8.25 £3.30 Buy Now
A12864 SG 201 2½d purple/blue, ave m/m, Cat £25 (30 available), FREE. FREE Buy Now
VR4050 SG141 2½d Mauve Plate 13, 5 Fine Used examples Cat £85 FREE OF CHARGE (one per customer!) FREE Buy Now
VR9218 1887 Printed letter sheet, being a judge’s circuit list for period June 14th-July29th 1887. Franked with ½d vermillion ‘jubilee’ perfinned “G & Co” cancelled London WC 16 June 1887. £25.00 £7.50 Buy Now

Selected items from our current Private Treaty List

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Price
74332 Antigua, SG 40, 1903 CC 5/- grey-green and violet, superb used example on piece, tied “St John’s FE 22 05” CDS, Cat £160+. £110.00 Buy Now
74338 Ascension, SG 57/69, 1956 set of 13v to 10/-, superb used, complete, Cat £75. £42.00 Buy Now
74352 Barbados 1858 1/- black, SG 12a, very fine mint example with 4 margins, Cat £225, scarce and very fresh. £140.00 Buy Now
74364 British Honduras, SG 150/161, 1938/47 set of 12, very lightly m/m, Cat £190. £85.00 Buy Now
74380 Cape of Good Hope, SG 1, Triangular 1d pale brick-red, fine used with lightly touched to clear margins, Cat £450. £45.00
74414 Falkland Islands, SG 43/50, 1904 MCA set of 8v to 5/-, fine mint, complete, Cat £475, scarce. £265.00
74427 Gibraltar, SG 3 “GIBRALTAR” overprint on 2d purple m/m, Cat £140, scarce. £60.00 Buy Now
74455 Grenada, SG 101, 1913 MCA 10/- green and red on green, fine mint, Cat £70. £42.00 Buy Now
74488 Malta, SG 143/156 1926 overprints set to 10/- very fine mint, Cat £110. £75.00 Buy Now
74507 New Zealand, SG F131, F132 and F135, 2/-, 2/6, 5/-, fine m/m, Cat £325, scarce. £150.00 Buy Now
74526 St Kitts, SG 1-10 1903 definitive set of 10 to 5/-, fine mint, overprinted SPECIMEN, scarce, Cat £150. £105.00 Buy Now
74537 Singapore, SG 15, 1948 Perf 14 $5 green and brown, fine mint, Cat £110. £55.00 Buy Now
74571 SG 2 1d black, Plate 4 (L-K), very fine used with 4 very good margins, fine Red MX, Cat £350, scarce and very fresh. £150.00 Buy Now
74603 SG 3 1d grey-black (A-K), very fine used example with 4 good/very good margins, light Red MX cancel, Cat £500, scarcer Plate. £140.00 Buy Now
74788 SG 90a 1/- green (K-D), fine used wing margin example with “K” in Circle variety, Cat £2300, rare classic stamp. £650.00 Buy Now
74813 SG 101 Emblems 1/- green, very fine mint upper marginal example with sheet inscription, Cat £2800+, rare. £850.00 Buy Now
74922 SG 168s 2d rose, u/m lower marginal block of 6 (top three stamps light gum bend), Cat £660 as m/m singles, scarce multiple. £275.00 Buy Now
74929 SG 172 imprimaturs of the 1d lilac in two different shades, very fine, Spec Page 236, total Cat £500, very scarce. £85.00 Buy Now
75037 SG 270a Harrison Perf 14 ½d pale bluish green, very fine m/m in pair with St Andrews Cross, inverted watermark, with BPA Certificate (1972). £265.00 Buy Now
75100 SG 393a 9d olive-green, superb u/m example, Cat £225, scarce key value. £125.00 Buy Now
75123 SG 408 2/6 sepia, very fine mint (3 stamps are u/m) corner block of 4, total Cat £1900 as singles, rare multiple. £965.00 Buy Now
75178 SG 474 Dark Colours 10d turquoise-blue, superb u/m Q26 Cyl 8 No Dot cylinder block of 6, Cat £600, rare. £485.00 Buy Now
75244 SG O9 “I.R.Official” 5/- rose (B-G), average m/m example, fresh appearance, Cat £9500, very rare and very reasonably priced by vendor. £775.00 Buy Now
75257 SG O39 “O.W.Official” 2½d ultramarine, very fine used example with single CDS, Cat £843.75 including premium. £220.00 Buy Now
75279 SG O71 “Govt Parcels” 4½d green & carmine, very fine m/m well-centred example, Cat £350, scarce and very fresh. £145.00 Buy Now

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