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continuing good service - thank you - March 2018

Mr D W - Louth, UK

Your service is excellent That's why I return - March 2018

Mr R S - Huddersfield, UK

always good service - March 2018

Mr D F - Auckland, New Zealand

very happy with my purchases. - March 2018

Mr R L - Waltham Cross, UK

Website is very easy to use. - February 2018

Mr D C - London, UK

A truly wonderful site and service - February 2018

Mr P B - Mansfield, UK

good service very happy ! - February 2018

Mr R M - Cardiff, UK

Great website simple to navigate and use !! - February 2018

Mr T K Salford

Very happy with my initial order, hence my return - February 2018

Mr D D - Huntingdon, UK

I am very pleased with previous service - February 2018

Dr A N - Letchworth, UK

Very pleased with first order- Many thanks. - January 2018

Mr T C - Northampton, UK

First order brilliant. Thanks - January 2018

Mr J S - New Milton, UK

GOOD SERVICE - January 2018

Mr K G - Tyne & Wear, UK

As ever good quality and prompt service. Recommended. - January 2018

Mr C G - Bath, UK

Doing a very good job, well satisfied - December 2017

Mr H A - Maidenhead, UK

Great stamps and service many thanks - December 2017

Mr B L - Birmingham, UK

Always excellent service. Impressive. - December 2017

Mr M A - Lowestoft, UK

Always excellent service - December2017

Mr R N - Canterbury, UK

always great service & quality - November 2017

Mr B B - Aylesbury, UK

The private treaty listings are a delight and your service continues to be excellent - November 2017

Mr J M - Tooting, UK

Always an excellent service and always excellent stamps. - November 2017

Mr G H - Llandegfan, UK

Very pleased with previous orders. - November 2017

Mr M H - Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Always good service and well packaged - November 2017

Mr I M - Aylesbury, UK

Continue to be impressed - November 2017

Mr R W - Calidcot, UK

Many thanks as always, fabulous service and selection. - October 2017

Mr A H - Croydon, UK

Excellent service. - October 2017

Mr G A - Lincoln, UK

Great service from you to date. Keep it up. - September 2017

Mr A W - Doncaster, UK

just to say your service is of the highest class thank you for letting me build my GB collection so affordable - September 2017

Mr N B - Northampton, UK

Great value, discount much appreciated. - September 2017

Mr B D - Poulton-Le-Fylde, UK

Very easy system to order - excellent ! - August 2017

Mr T K - Salford, UK

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Stamps of Great Britain
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Today's selected items from our current Private Treaty List

Image (Click to enlarge) Item No Description Price
45721 SG 117 1/- green Pl 5(D-F) VFU with ‘768’ telegraphic cancel. Cat £78.75 incl. premium £18.00 Buy Now
45723 SG 117 1/- green Pl 5 (F-D) with superb ‘Swindon’ CDS. Cat £78.75 incl premium £30.00 Buy Now
45725 SG 117 1/- green, Plate 6 (B-C), very fine used example with light CDS, Cat £78.75 including premium. £25.00 Buy Now
45727 SG 119 2/- deep blue (BB-CB), very fine used vertical pair with two fine strikes of “Sunderland MR 19 72” CDS, most attractive, Cat £840+ including premium. £325.00 Buy Now
45729 `SG 126 5/- rose Pl 2 (F-B) fine/VFU lightly cancelled. Cat £1500 Very reasonably priced by vendor. £165.00 Buy Now
45731 SG 126 5/- rose, Plate 2 (C-D), sound average used example with full perfs all round, Cat £1500, scarcer Plate and very fresh appearance. £85.00 Buy Now
45733 SG 134 5/- rose, Plate 4 (B-F), average used example with bold London duplex cancels, well-centred, Cat £4200, very scarce and most reasonably priced by vendor. £295.00 Buy Now
45735 SG 137 £5 orange (C-C) sound used example with ‘Glasgow’ thimble CDS. Cat £4750. Very reasonably priced by vendor. £1150.00 Buy Now
45737 SG 141s 2½d rosy mauve, Plate 8 (C-L), superb m/m marginal imperf example overprinted ‘SPECIMEN, Type 9’, Spec J9s, Cat £300++, very scarce so fine, Exhibition quality. £440.00 Buy Now
45739 SG 141 2½d Rosy Mauve PL 11 (H-D). VFU copy canc. With a tiny part numeral that leaves the entire Queen’s portrait untouched. Cat. £170 as such. £38.00 Buy Now
45741 SG 141 21/2d Rosy Mauve Plate 17 (F-C). Fine used with Watermark Inverted. Very scarce, Cat. £750. £275.00 Buy Now
45743 SG 142 2!”d Blue PL 19 (O-FU copy with a lovely razor-sharp cds cancel. Cat. £110 with premium. £25.00 Buy Now
45745 SG 144 3d pale rose, Plate 18 (C-J), fresh-looking m/m example (hinge remains & tiny thin), Cat £525, very scarce and reasonably priced by vendor. £90.00 Buy Now
45747 SG 150 1/- green, Plate 12 (A-C), fine used example with scarce “C51” (St Thomas, DWI), cancel, Cat £160++. £65.00 Buy Now
45749 SG 150 1/- green Plate 12 (H-L) VFU with London CDS. Cat £320 incl premium £75.00 Buy Now
45751 SG 152 4d Vermilion PL 15 (Q-J). VFU copy canc. With a crisp ‘Burton-on-Trent’ cds. Full perfs and lovely colour. Difficult stamp, scarce in this condition. Cat. £1000+ with premium! £165.00 Buy Now
45753 SG 156 8d orange (I-D), very fine used example with bold “Torquay” CDS and part numeral, Cat £350. £90.00 Buy Now
45755 SG 156s 8d orange (A-J), fine mint (light horizontal gum creasing) example overprinted SPECIMEN, Type 9, Cat £350, scarce. £189.00 Buy Now
45757 SG 157 2½d blue, Plate 22 (P-I), average mint example, Cat £500, very reasonably priced by vendor. £60.00 Buy Now
45759 SG 157 2½d blue, Plate 22 (C-G), fine mint example (couple of minor tone spots on reverse), Cat £450, very reasonably priced by vendor. £40.00 Buy Now
45761 SG 158 3d rose Pl 21 (Q-J) Superb used with almost full strike of ‘Manchester’ squared circle postmark. Cat £175 incl premium. £44.00 Buy Now
45763 SG 159 3d on 3d lilac (N-D), very fine used example with neat “London” CDS at base plus small part numeral, Cat £160. £40.00 Buy Now
45765 SG 159 3d on 3d lilac (F-F) VFU with ‘Frome’ squared circle cancel. Cat £280 incl. premium. Very reasonably priced by vendor £38.00 Buy Now
45767 SG 160 4d grey-brown Pl 17 (G-E) VFU CDS example Cat £140 incl premium £25.00 Buy Now
45769 SG 160 4d grey-brown Pl 17 (O-L) good average mint copy small thin at top left otherwise lovely fresh appearance with full perfs and excellent colour. Scarce Cat £475 £60.00 Buy Now
45771 SG 160 4d grey-brown, Plate 18 (K-I), defective unused (thinned) example, Cat £400, excellent spacefiller at vendor’s price. £45.00 Buy Now
45773 SG 162 6d on 6d lilac (N-K), very fine used example with neat “Newcastle on Tyne” CDS, Cat £262.50 including premium, very reasonably priced by vendor. £32.50 Buy Now
45775 SG 162 6d on 6d Lilac (P-B). Good av. Mint copy, sl. Surface rub otherwise fine fresh appearance. Scarce, Cat. £675. Good value at the vendor’s price of….. £78.00 Buy Now
45777 SG 162 6d on 6d Lilac (K-L). Superb u/m corner copy ovpt ‘Specimen’ type 9, Cat. £300. £140.00 Buy Now
45779 SG 163 1/- Orange brown Pl 13 (G-A). A lovely example lightly cancelled leaving Queen’s profile clear. Cat £297.50 incl premium £58.00 Buy Now
45781 SG 163 1/- orange-brown, Plate 13 (T-H), very fine used example with neat “Berwick OC 9 83” CDS, Cat £297.50 including premium. £135.00 Buy Now
45783 SG 167 1½d Venetian Red. VFU copy canc. With a neat crisp ‘London’ squared circle Type cds. Cat. £105 as such. £16.00 Buy Now
45785 SG 168s 2d rose, superb u/m block of 9, overprinted SPECIMEN, Cat £900++, rare multiple so fine. £450.00 Buy Now
45351 Bechuanaland, SG 84, 1913 Waterlow overprint 5/- rose-carmine fine mint, Cat £160. £98.00 Buy Now
45352 Bermuda, SG 8, 1865 Wmk Crown CC 1/- green fine used, Cat £70. £35.00 Buy Now
45353 Bermuda, SG 54, 1918 MCA 10/- green and carmine, very fine used with superb CDS, Cat £350, scarce so fine. £175.00 Buy Now
45354 Bermuda, SG 54, 10/- green and carmine/pale bluish green very fine m/m, Cat £180. £120.00 Buy Now
45355 Bermuda, SG 59/67, Tercentenary set m/m (odd trivial fault), Cat £100. £25.00 Buy Now
45356 Bermuda, SG 68/79, Tercentenary set m/m fine m/m, Cat £100. £50.00 Buy Now
45357 Bermuda SG 93 12s6d grey & orange, fine fresh m/m copy, Cat £250, scarce and very fresh. £178.00 Buy Now
45358 Bermuda 1938-53 KGVI fine used, various values to Keyplate 10/- (2), SG 112 & 112a, 113b, 116c, 116f, 118g, 119b and 119f, total Cat £319 (8). £105.00 Buy Now
45359 Bermuda, SG 116 2/- deep purple & ultramarine lightly m/m, Cat £110. £45.00 Buy Now
45369 Br Levant, SG 19, 1909 Surch 1pi 30p on 4d orange very fine used, Cat £70. £40.00 Buy Now

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