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Mulreadies & Postal History - Mid June


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 659121854-1864 collection of ‘Spoon’ cancels on cover in album. Mainly on 1d red ‘stars’ and including Birmingham Wolverhampton Chester Gloucester Plymouth and the scarce Bridgenorth also Irish types from Enniskillen and Drogheda. Other items incl Hull on scarce 3d rate cover of 1854; and Leeds on 1857 cover franked with 2d blue ‘stars’ plus pair of 6d pale lilac (SG 70) Total of 16 different cover all neatly annotated A most attractive collection of these scarce and popular cancels.£595.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image65913Advertising Rings 1870 Envelope with “Parkins & Gotto, 24 Oxford Street W” embossed, scarce and very fresh.£125.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image659171840 1d Mulready Lettersheet cancelled by a lovely example of the very rare bright vermilion Maltese Cross of Brighton. Backstamp on lower flap in same colour. Far brighter and scarcer than Bristol! Cat. £2800.£795.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image65918SG ME4 2d Mulready envelope (a196) Superb mint example Cat £450£225.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image65919Valentine Deraedemaker Reprint, envelope, “Britannia encourages the industry of the globe”, featuring Ships and commerse, fine and scarce.£85.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image65920Ackerman Illustrated Envelope, Deraedemaker Reprint, featuring Ships, Steam Train and “Ocean Postage” stylised stamp, fine and scarce.£58.00Buy Now

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