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Mulreadies & Postal History - Mid August


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Click thumbnail to view larger image68120Advert Rings (Official Ring), Smith-Elder, good used 1/- cut to shape and W & T. AVERY cut-square (Unofficial Ring), total 2 items, scarce.£55.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image68121Advert Rings (Official), W.H.Smith, undated ring cut-to-shape and 1½d Die 1 (small ornament) showing State 3 with two cracks in outer ring (2 items).£20.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image681221884 National Telephone Company Stamps u/m, 1d and 1/- (corner examples), 3d, and 4d, total 4 values, very fresh.£25.00Buy Now
Click thumbnail to view larger image68123Spec ME1 variety:- 1840 1d Mulready letter-sheet, used in 1845 with 1844 numeral cancel, addressed to “In Her Majesty’s Service, Stamp Office Winchester”, fine Winchester and Andover 1845 Circular backstamps, very scarce with 1844 cancel, Cat £1,100, fine and rare.£450.00Buy Now

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